I remember visiting Oakwood Alumni reunion in 2015 and I was very excited. It was a long time ago that I was able to attend and now my family was with me. This made it so much more special.

When I looked at all the amazing items being sold by the numerous vendors, I thought to myself, “Why couldn’t these items be available all throughout the year in one central location. With that thought, I went home and it was a month later the idea to start developing an online marketplace solution. It has been an interesting journey, but I am happy for that journey.

Though I did not officially launch OaksMarket until a few years later, I learned how to use the right tools and processes to make the system work. I hope that you are blessed by this market and please, by all means, share with your family members and friends.

Below is a short video about Oakwood. The video is from Oakwoods youtube channel.

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